Christmas and Easter. The first to celebrate the birth of our Savior. The second to celebrate his victory over death. He Lives! He Lives Indeed!

As mere mortals struggling through these challenging times, Jesus remains our hope beyond all hope, as he has for over 2000 years. What greater reason could their be for us to want to make celebrating Christmas more meaningful than ever—what better way to reach the lost in our communities and to bring the gift of true hope? We have the technologies and talents to do amazing things—in every church, regardless of the size, regardless of budget.

Music has been at the center of worship since the beginning. The lyre, lute and timbrel have been replaced by the piano and (maybe) a pipe organ. There’s percussion, electric guitars, keys and even horns, or at least a solo or player (If not, maybe there could be). There is an abundance of talent in every church, the challenge is just getting it to show up for practice. Because Christmas is a time of generosity and giving, it is the time when we are most likely to see and hear some of that talent emerge for the first time.

While it has become that only the larger churches still have a regular (25 or more voice) choir, at Christmas, everyone who has a voice, regardless of ability, is invited to come out to join the singing, or take part in the pageant or Christmas special. Whether we’re on the praise team or in the booth, we need to not only encourage these people, but to help those who want to participate find a place. Worship is not a spectator sport—the greatest joy is in taking part. We need to make it clear that all our welcome, and for those who would rather not perform, there are many “behind the scenes” callings that need to be filled. Video, lighting and projection opportunities exist where younger members can bring to worship their creativity. You may be surprised at how they would tell the Christmas Story, or lead worship for their peers. For the non-musical, sets need to built and painted, and someone needs to get the word out. It’s amazing what a church that is “on fire” for the Lord can do, even with little or…

So when you set the daily news aside and look at the big picture, there’s little doubt that these are among the most amazing and thrilling times for all who believe, for not only do we have a true reason to celebrate, we have the tools, technologies and talents to reach our communities as never before. Have a glorious Christmas! — Robert


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