Musicians can be a crafty bunch.  Typically, we’re always a day late and a dollar short…but we’re creative and good with our hands.


So, when we’re in need of a certain piece of gear, like you might find in a well equipped studio, we’re likely to get MacGyver as your ass.


A quick run to the hardware store and a couple of hours in garage results in practical and functional results…sometimes even looking like a professional piece of gear.


And then, there are those that look a little more MacGruber, such as our first project.


So now, with no further ado, we present our favorite Top 10 D.I.Y projects for musicians.


#10  Mic Stand Made From A Coat Hanger.


This trick is not our favorite of the lot, but it is the simplest.  It is also probably something you have already tried.


This video isn’t particularly great (hence being #10), but it does show how using the hook to hold the mic.  It doesn’t take a genius to see that this could be bent in such as way to mic an amp cabinet.


However, while this can work in a pinch for micing an amp, we believe our #9 D.I.Y. project serves better for that purpose.