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#9 Z -Stand For Micing An Amp


Our pervious selection showed how to make a mic stand (sorta) out of a coat hanger, but this next project looks much more professional.


A simple inexpensive strip of aluminum (officially it is call a deck strap, approx $3 at your big box home improvement store) and a couple other pieces of hardware (explained in the video), and you’ll be able to hold your head up proudly when micing your amp on any stage.


As with most of our other projects, this Z bar, or L bar in this case, actually takes a little fore thought and is constructed from products you purchase for the purpose, rather than being constructed with what is lying around the house.  Still, making it yourself is usually much cheaper.


Since we’re talking mics, our next feature – #8 in our Top 10 D.I.Y. projects for musicians – is a pop filter.