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#4 Duct Tape Keyboard Case


Hey, why buy a case for your keyboard (or anything else for that matter), when it came in a perfectly good box?


Take it from someone who carried around his Roland Juno 6 in its box for the better part of a year.  I only stopped because the handle on the box broke.  Well, that and the fact that I sucked at playing keys.


The box kinda worked fine, but it started showing some wear pretty quick.  And, a little rain or drizzle certainly would have not only compromised the integrity of the case, but the keyboard itself.


Once again, duct tape to rescue.  It is both water resistant and re-enforcing.  Here it is used to take common cardboard and turn it into something…well, we’ll just say more than.


Next up is how to construct a microphone shock mount, which is #3 of the Top 10 D.I.Y. projects for musicians.




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