A common form of chaos deals with organizational skills, or the lack of, and the resulting effects.

     Without succumbing to going totally global here, I refer to coping with individual projects and how to keep it together when everything starts to crumble like a castle built of playing cards.

A  project might deal with organizing a tour and the many pieces that must be attended to, always in a timely manner. The usual suspects that can slip through the cracks if not kept in the forefront are flights, rental cars, hotels, luggage requirements and airline restraints, and the packing of clothes, equipment, and product.

Another area that needs constant attention is the coordination of my students’ lesson schedules that sometimes need to be rescheduled for various reasons. With the success of my global outreach of teaching through Skype, I now must pay attention to world time zones and be more diligent with locking in their schedules. One of the more important projects I have been paying attention to lately is the chaos that ensues among guitar students who constantly neglect to see the importance of becoming more active in the maintenance of their repertoire, whether it is a practice exercise, technique, or piece of music. I often hear from almost every student at one time or another, “I haven’t played that in awhile” or “I’m not sure where the music is for that piece” or “Oh yeah, I remember we went over that during a previous lesson.”

If I could share one word it would be “ACCUMULATION”. I always try to give attention to a strong repertoire maintenance program and balance my practice sessions to include just about everything I have taken the time to learn. Granted, there are pieces I’ve let slip away on purpose to make a bit more room on the mental hard drive, but I must admit that I am even glad I remember the opening licks of Stairway to Heaven. 

P.S. – Pleeeeze don’t ask me to play it though in the middle of a concert!

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Originally posted 2011-03-29 18:16:02.