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Robert A. Lindquist

For Robert, music and sound has been a life-long obsession. From building his first sound systems from schematics and scavanged parts to publishing numerous books and magazines for DJs, Musicians and Pro Audio users, Robert has...

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Scott Woodward

Scott started out in the basements of upstate New York playing music with his friends until it became apparent that he was good at it. It was time to get out of the basement and onto the stage playing the school dances then the...

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Ronny North

Ronny North plays his own signature brand of instrumental guitar rock and is fast becoming a So Cal guitar hero.  (View Ronny North’s Blog Posts) He won the Best Male Guitarist Award at the 2006 All Access...

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Darth Fader

Dark overlord and all around fun guy Darth Fader scrounges the universe for gear and tips to make audio production other-worldly. (View Darth Fader’s Blog Posts) Originally posted 2012-02-05...

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Tim Hemingway

I want to be a rockstar when I grow up, at least that is what I have been putting down as my career goal ever since I was first introduced to the Beatles at 11 or 12 years old.  Shortly after my introduction to the Fab...

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K Bo

Ken “K Bo” Biedzynski is a working musician and a regular contributor to L2P with a concentration on artist interviews and drum gear review. Based on the Jersey Shore, K Bo comes armed with an in-depth journalistic...

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  • Emulating musical models
    Online tutorials these days have a simple format. Just follow and of course you will need to slow it down, freeze frame it and work it up bit by bit in emulation of the model. This is what students do in coming to GCSE study in one Cambridgeshire secondary school and no doubt more widely. […]
  • Review: PreSonus Air Series
    The PreSonus AIR loudspeaker series offers great sound and enhanced portability at an acceptable price. Over the summer, I’ve been putting a pair of 15″ two-way tops with 15″ subs through some rather excruciating trials. The most recent event was a concert by the Australian duo Severed Heads. You can read the review at FOHonline.  […]
  • Bruce Springsteen Talks Politics, Marriage and Why He Won’t Write an ‘Anti-Trump Diatribe’
    Check out the second part of Variety’s interview with The Boss. The post Bruce Springsteen Talks Politics, Marriage and Why He Won’t Write an ‘Anti-Trump Diatribe’ appeared first on Level11Media.
  • Snapshot Review: Audio-Technica’s ATM350a
    Cardioid Condenser Instrument Microphone with UniMount components We all know that to get the best, most accurate, sound from any instrument, with the least possibility of feedback, we need the mic to be as close to the source of the sound as possible. This can be a challenge, especially when working with an ever changing […]
  • “The Guys That Are In Control Are Not Honoring the Arts” (LA Times)
    While walking from his sculpture and painting studios to his recording studio on a typically Pacific-breezy afternoon, trumpeter, A&M Records co-founder and philanthropist Herb Alpert paused to describe his first brush with a horn. It was at a music appreciation class when he was a kid, Alpert, 82, said during a tour of his oceanfront Malibu […]