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Tess Wolfe

An experienced journalist with a classical-music education, Tess likes to blend words to create sensory images. With a bachelor’s degree in journalism, she also studied music therapy. Both pursuits spring from a lifelong...

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Hector La Torre

Hector La Torre is Managing Partner of Fits & Starts Productions, which produces the nationally-recognized HOW-TO Church Sound Workshop tours. Now in their 11th year the hands-on HOW-TO Workshops are focused on training...

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Charlie and Rita Smith

Charlie and Rita have been writing music for about 15 years, 12 of those years together. The highlight of their marriage has been the union of their songwriting abilities.  Rita writes lyrics and Charlie writes music. ...

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Robert A. Lindquist

For Robert, music and sound has been a life-long obsession. From building his first sound systems from schematics and scavanged parts to publishing numerous books and magazines for DJs, Musicians and Pro Audio users, Robert has...

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Scott Woodward

Scott started out in the basements of upstate New York playing music with his friends until it became apparent that he was good at it. It was time to get out of the basement and onto the stage playing the school dances then the...

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  • Bring your old instruments out of retirement for a great cause
    SAPPA is a music and arts preparatory program that delivers a musical experience for youngsters in under-served communities through workshops, clinics in partnership with tutorial, mentoring and instructional programs. As you might expect, the program serves many students who cannot afford instruments and schools with limited resources. Possibly you can help. Please check your closets […]
  • The Importance of Advancing the Gig
    We have told you–and some of learned the hard way–to advance every gig. In other words get all of the info possible about parking, load-in and -out, power, supplied backline gear, etc. Here is a video that explains why. Ignore the chimpmunk voices, just look how far it was from the stage to the loading […]
  • Motörhead Does Disney
    A Motörhead Song…In A Disney Movie? Yep. The Disney Flick BOLT, starring John Travolta and Miley Cyrus, features Motörhead’s, “Dog-Face Boy” from their Sacrifice album. The song plays in a mailroom scene where a young worker is listening to it on his headphones and inadvertently wraps Bolt up in a box that gets shipped off […]
  • PreSonus CDL Series Loudspeakers Enhance Services at Bethany Grace Fellowship
    With its mission to introduce people to Jesus, embrace them as family, and help them to grow, Bethany Grace Fellowship employs a mixture of both traditional and contemporary worship styles. After struggling with an outdated sound system that was insufficient for the size of the space, church management elected to upgrade. This resulted in the […]
  • FreedomBack Wireless Monitor System
    More and more of us are getting away from loud wedges on stage and going to personal monitors (the kind that go in your ear). The FreedomBack—from Hear Technologies, the same folks who brought us the award-winning HearBack monitor mixing system—is an easy to use and affordable way to cut the cord and make those […]