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Reverb Secrets to Clarify Your Mix

We’ve all been conditioned to believe that reverb is the most important of the effects in our toolbox – but truth be told, it’s not. That distinction goes to EQ, but reverb can certainly make or break your mix. So…what do pro...

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Demo Recording for Songwriters: Part 5

It’s not unusual for the songwriter to start making arrangements in their head before the song is even completed on the page. So, when they are playing a song to a loved one or a group of friends for the first time, they...

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Computer Tweaks for Glitch-Free Recording

Is your recording software plagued by pops, clicks, and dropouts? Try these tips. They will speed up a PC to work efficiently with digital audio. Some of these tips apply to Mac, too. * Use a fast hard drive: 7200 rpm or higher....

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  Today we feature the seminal metal band ‘KILLING ADDICTION’ who have released their long awaited CD “FALL OF THE ARCHETYPES”. The Florida based veterans talk about what inspires their latest songs,...

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“THROAT SPRAYS HELP ME SING BETTER” Perhaps you have a favorite tea, potion or spray which you swear helps you sing better. But think about it, these nostrums never touch your vocal folds! They merely moisturize your throat to...

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  • Sensaphonics offers free email consultation with Dr. Michael Santucci
    Sensaphonics, the technology leader in personal monitoring and hearing wellness, is offering free email consultation with Dr. Michael Santucci for music industry professionals during the company’s COVID-19 lockdown. Dr. Santucci is a globally recognized expert and advocate in hearing wellness for musicians, and founder and President of Sensaphonics. Each day during April, Dr. Santucci will […]
  • Two Music and Audio Buyouts That May Actually Be Good News… For a Change
    A couple of pieces of industry news that may have gotten lost amidst the poop-show that passes for common culture and attention spans these days. Buyouts happen all the time and we should all expect so see more of them for a couple of reasons. 1) Many of the founders of enterprises ranging from smaller […]
  • NAMM Pix
    The post NAMM Pix appeared first on Level11Media.
  • Silent Rehearsals
    So, you gotta rehearse the band but the neighbors have a problem with your blazing, shredding guitar leads and drum solos. Here are some tips for keeping your sound intact and your neighbors… The post Silent Rehearsals appeared first on Level11Media.
  • Behind The Scenes
    In December of last year, singer/songwriter David Wilcox enterted the studio to record his 16th album. Over the next 7 days Open Hand was recorded from start to finish the ‘old school’ way: on 2 inch 16 track analog tape. All songs were recorded live. Minimal overdubbing was used and there were no "computer tricks." […]