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KISS Rocks In A Monster Way!

KISS launched the MONSTER book, album & tour on L.A.s famed SUNSET STRIP, where they first touched down in the early 70s & fell so in love with the vibe, these New Yorkers moved & held court for last 40 years from!...

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IK Multimedia’s StealthPlug CS

Over the last few years there has been an influx of home recording devices hitting the market. The affordability of computers coupled with inexpensive and opensource audio software has made it possible for even the most novice...

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2012 El Paso Christmas Show

Esteban De Torre of Elation Lighting programmed the Seventh Annual “El Paso Christmas Light Show” in El Paso Texas. Almost all of the 230,000 lights (95%) are RGB pixel LEDs and the timecode was done on Compu Live. There are 36...

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  • Cerwin-Vega Active: The Big Gig VIDEO
    The first gig was just a warm-up, this time we took the Cerwin Vega Active system out on a much larger gig—how did it do? If you missed the first part in thise series of reviews (which includes a description of the system and it’s features) you might want to GO BACK to go back […]
  • Please Kill My Drummer
    A session drummer in the Dallas area picked this off Craigslist and it got circulated among some of his friends. We thought you might enjoy it… Come on, every band leader has thought it at least once or twice. And maybe it’s not your drummer—I have had some singers who fit this profile way too […]
  • It’s the Law…
     We know, you want to make music not read about boring legal stuff. But these five cases could have a profound effect on how you go about getting your music to the masses. FIVE CASES THAT DEFINED THE MUSIC BIZ And keep checking back with the Live2Play Network for the latest news that musicians can […]
  • Orianthi Talks About Michael Jackson Tour
    Orianthi Talks About Jackson Tour If you have no idea who Orianthi is, don’t feel bad. neither did we until recently. But this 24-year old guitarist from the Land Down Under has impressed not only us but the like of Steve Vai and Carlos Santana as well. Rolling Stone’s Rock and Roll Daily has a […]
  • Stevie Wonder at Hall of Fame Concert
    Stevie Wonder’s performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of fame 25th Anniversary show was off the hook. And a lesson for every performer. When a technical glitch meant that the lights came up, a full house at Madison Square Garden roared and the was zero audio, he didn’t freak out. He gave the crew […]