After digesting the donut, which is the ideal self defense technique against a potentially dangerous donut (you just don’t know when they might attack), there still may be several hours left to kill in a hotel room – sometimes well over a day, depending on the tour. Sure, it would be easy enough to circumvent cabin fever by simply going out and seeing the town, catching a movie, trying out a new restaurant, or visiting the neighborhood zoo. But I’m more interested in addressing here what can actually be accomplished by NOT leaving your modern cave.


I have found that when I create the mindset of a “home away from home” attitude, I can easily make the time pass, be somewhat productive, and have some fun as well. Just like a battery in need of a recharge, a life on the road can certainly be taxing on your body. Climate and altitude changes and a great deal of “indoor” time – whether in a fuselage of a plane with that healthy re-circulating oxygen, in a rental car with that familiar NO SMOKING ALLOWED smell, waiting for your next connection at an airport, or simply hanging out at your current hotel – all can wreak havoc on those sinuses and other body parts.

Plain and simple revenge for the road warrior; be resourceful. Crack open a window. Work on a new piece of music. Read a book. Take a walk outside the hotel. Swim laps instead of sitting in the hot tub. Make a handful of calls to those special people and friends to catch up with what they are doing.