While camped out in your new home away from home, you realize it is possible you just might go stir crazy because you’ve already gone for a walk, stretched, read a book, watched some tube, taken a bath, and cauliflowered your ear from talking hours on the phone. Suddenly when it feels like you’ve run the imagination and resourcefulness dry, now is actually the perfect time to write a tune.


That’s right. Compose something. Sit with your instrument and just start noodling around. Many times my best tunes, riffs, or motifs have stemmed from me grounded in such a boring place that there is nowhere else to go but up. My mind almost needs to become a blank slate and the playing starts coming from the subconscious.

Often times the rhythm of another piece I’ve been working on can set the groove. When combined with an extensive amount of trial and error, a little idea pops up and almost gets my attention like an alarm clock. For me, this is when playing the instrument can truly be the most fun. I no longer am thinking about a career, a project, finances, or anything else but the craft of composition itself and this creative process, which is really hours on end of “yeahs, uh-huhs, nopes, and maybes” for each note. At the end, if you’re doing it right, you probably didn’t get any sleep and just when you want to finally bed down there is that lovely sound of a knock at the door – “HOUSEKEEPING!!!!!”  
Check out time.




Originally posted 2010-02-27 15:23:25.