Cerwin-Vega’s new and improved C-Series of passive, folded horn subwoofers differ from traditional subs in that they use a complex path within the speaker enclosure to create a horn that reinforces bass frequencies and plays “larger and louder” than the speaker’s driver. The C-series includes the AB-36C Afterburner, EL-36C earthquake and the JE-36C Junior Earthquake, each featuring a rugged, custom-designed Cerwin-Vega 18” cast-frame speaker. According to Cerwin-Vega, with six and a half feet of folded horn chamber length in the AB-36C and the EL-36C, and five feet of folded horn chamber length in the JE-36C, the C-Series can delivers more bass per square inch than other sub. The C-series folded horns provide enhanced SPL performance, beefy and rugged die cast aluminum doors that improves heat dissipation, an attractive curved horn mouth bracing for smoother frequency response, and reinforced pole cups and handles for easier setup and transport. MSRPs: – AB-36C-$1299 / EL-36C: $999 / JE-36C: $899

Originally posted 2008-11-19 13:54:24.