Do New Music Formats Equal New Opportunity? With a little creativity and a few hundred dollars worth of gear pretty much anyone…

with a computer can make a record these days. And digital downloads and file sharing have made it easier than ever to get your music to potential fans. Those two developments effectively erased the barrier-to-entry that record labels once provided. While that meant that lots of bands and artists that would have never cracked the label system got a chance, it also led to more new music and niche bands than anyone could possibly absorb. In the end it may have actually made it harder to break through and get noticed.

Not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing but some new tech issues may be rebuilding some of those barriers. First, there appears to be a new format looking to replace the MP3. The difference is not sound quality or any of the usual issues. This NEW FORMAT will allow for the inclusion of things like lyrics and artwork and even touring schedules into the song file itself. And the format is updatable and playable on any MP3 compatible device including iPods.

The other format that is driving a lot of music sales is the video game world of Rock Band and Guitar Hero. When the remastered Beatles catalog hit stores the same day as the Beatles Rock Band game, the game outsold the CDs by an order of magnitude. Now, a BETA has been launched that will allow bands to SUBMIT their own songs as games.

Warning: This is not for the technically faint of heart. Even a tech-savvy band will be looking at putting 20 TO 40 HOURS into the creation of a single song. And, predictably, there is already a service available to program your song for you and get it onto the XBox Network. Cool, but NOT CHEAP.

New formats may mean new opportunities but they may not bee accessible to everyone. Good thing? Bad Thing? Let us know what you think. COMMENT

Originally posted 2010-01-26 21:32:13.