Record your gigs without tearing part your home studio or even lugging a laptop to the gig. The BLACKBOX RECORDER is a single-rack-space digital audio workstation that plugs into any standard live mixing console via the normal insert points providing 24 tracks of audio recording directly onto a removable USB2 disk drive that can be immediately plugged into your DAW after the gig.

Recording the audio at up to 96kHz and at 24 bit resolution into standard Broadcast Wave (BWAV) files on a standard FAT32 formatted drive allows the user to replay the material on any workstation. Just unplug the disk from the back of the BLACKBOX RECORDER and plug it into your workstation as an external disk. No copying or reassembling your studio is required and you have every mixer input recorded and available to create the perfect live remix.

For really large multi-track recordings, multipleBLACKBOX RECORDER units can be chained together and operated from a single control surface.

The Blackbox defaults to all tracks being armed ready for record; just pressing Record will start the recording. If the record button is pressed again while in record, theBLACKBOX RECORDER will automatically start a new recording so that each song can be easily identified later. To end a recording requires the STOP button to be held for 2 seconds to ensure that the recording cannot be stopped accidentally.

A foot switch input is also provided and can be set up to duplicate the record button function so that even your bass player can handle it.

Originally posted 2009-08-12 16:55:24.