TC Electronic has announced a new line of bass combos that focus on portability, playability and tone.

The all-new BG250 combo line-up consists of four different products, which only differ in their speaker configurations. All sport 250 watts of power, TonePrint functionality, built-in tuner and intelligent EQ whilst retaining the ultra-light, super-portable and ultra-powerful formula that made the original BG250 such a hit.

The combos in this series consist of a version with a 1×12” speaker, a 1×15” speaker, a 2×10” speaker and a a 2×8” configuration all with a custom 1″ piezo tweeter
According to TC Electronic, The 1×12” provides tight and powerful sound with a strong presence in the mids for a bassy and old school sound, or a modern and crisp vibe.  The 1×15″ focuses a bit more on the low-end oomph and raw power. The 2×10″ version has a scooped sound, with a fast response. This results in a tone that is focused, without ever losing the low end. The sound of the  2×8” is best characterized as fresh, inspiring and with nice clarity and attitude, without ever losing the rumble.

All combos in the BG series feature intelligent EQ, which means that no matter how you cut or boost frequencies, things always sound great and are tailormade for bass. Other features for these combos are a Built-in 6 String Tuner, Rehearsal Input – Playback through Speaker or Headphones, Balanced DI Out for seamless recording or PA output , a headphone output and an optional footswitch.

The BG250 combos sport dual Bass TonePrint, that lets you load signature effects into a TonePrint slot. Switch between them with the optional Switch-3 footswitch; change them on the fly or mute. The 2×8″ combo allows you to use the footswitch to switch Toneprints, while the others in the series also allow switching of sounds from the amp.

BG250-112       349 US ESP
BG250-115       $399 US ESP
BG250-208       $499 US ESP
BG250-210       $549 US ESP