Continuing with our coverage from NAMM Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.reverend 011311


Reverend Guitars showed off a few models, including this turquoise-finished Kingbolt RA FM, with their Railhammer pickups (close up shown below).  The Railhammers use an interesting configuration of both rails and poles that are intended to add definition to the lower strings and increased mids on the higher ones.


reverend railhammer pickup 013113


core drum kit 013113


This eye candy is made by Core Drums (Drum-net) which features killer copper plating on the stands and apparently a cannon for a kick drum: two kick drums linked together.


core kick 013113


prs custom in orange 013113


Paul Reed Smith (PRS Guitars) used this two-tone configuration to showcase some of their custom guitars in a bevy of colors.


prs row 013113


Gretsch Roots 013113


Is this your first guitar?  This Gretsch entry-level guitar looks amazingly like this author’s first instrument.


Squire 013113


Squire’s line has some cool guitars based on their parent company’s (Fender) hippest twang machines: The Jaguar (left) and Jazzmaster.


yamaha 013113


Yamaha, among all their new offerings, displayed this vintage pump organ to remind everyone of the company’s long standing in producing musical instruments.


Which leads to this:


wheelharp 1 013113






These two instruments are variations of the Wheelharp manufactured by Antiquity Music (this is not a Yamaha product, just so there’s no confusion from the written segway) and, perhaps, would have looked more at home at the NAMM 1813 blog than this more current one.  However, it is a very innovative product and should find favor with acoustic instrument enthusists.  The Beatles and George Martin would have made good use of this.  Watch the video demo here:



And the WheelHarp would have been my personal “best of show” if not for the talented and unassuming Xie Yudan who demoed the pipa, which is often lamely referred to as the Chinese lute.  The grace, virtosity and soul in which she played is more than an equal match for anything this writer heard anyone at NAMM play on guitar: and there was some formidable guitar talent out there.




– Jake Kelly