Continuing with our coverage from NAMM Part 1.


The 6-string Schecter TSH-1 Classic (above) is also available in a 12-string model (the TSH-12 Classic shown below).  Both feature a double cutaway semi-hollow body, slash soundhole and humbucking lipstick tube pickups.


Schecter 12 string



Schector Synyster Special


Also from Schecter is this Synyster Special.  Check out the cool knobs, fretboard inlay and white hexkey polepieces of the pickups.  This classy guitar could be a perfect match for Schecter’s new Hellwin Synyster Gates amp head and cabinets.


schecter hellwin amp head


Fender Vibro King


Other good news is the re-release of the Fender Vibro-king.  This tone monster was originally released in the early 1990’s and feature 60 watts of power through three 10″ speakers, and a three-knob Fender tube reverb unit built in!


george l


George L cables have long been popular for guitarists’ pedalboards as their solderless jacks make constructing custom-length cables a snap…well, that, and the cables sound great.  Now with multiple colors and multiple color caps, these cables should prove to be even more popular as they would make it easier to follow the patch path visually.


LED lights


Q-Lighting displayed a couple of cool, or totally cool, products at their booth including this Personal Light Show: a compact (4″ x 4″ x 12″) rechargable battery-powered set of 4 super-bright LEDs (they also have a convetional-powered 8 LED version).  You only need to play one show without lighting to know how cool this is.


They also have an LED light that clips to the bill of a ball cap (cleaverly called the Bil-Lite), that is perfect for the road crew working with their hands in dark places.  There are also color filters that help prevent drawing attention to the crew during the crucial repairs on stage during the show.


bil lite


Yamaha blue


The Blueburst finish on this Yamaha FS72OS looks as if it is being hit by a super trooper spot, but this is how it popped under ordinary lighting conditions.


AKG Drum mic kit


AKG included their brand-new kick drum mic, the D12 VR, in this complete drum mic kit which includes 2 large diaphram mics for the overheads which could serve double duty for the forward thinking individual.


Ludwig club date


And this little drum kit from Ludwig just might be the ticket to be mic’d.  This special edition kit sounds great and might just have the vintage drum enthusiast leaving his/her collectable kit at home.


– Jake Kelly

Originally posted 2013-01-30 01:25:19.