With a vertible blizzard of new and upgraded products at the 2013 WNAMM show, is it any wonder we’re still digging through everything. Behringer alone announced some 28 new products (or variants). One that sort of slipped under the radar is iX16. Maybe it’s because that, with the speed at which technology moves, we’re becoming somewhat numb in the shock and awe department. It’s true, Mackie was the first to introduce a digital mixer that uses an iPad interface (NAMM January 2012). If you’ve noted our various reviews of that product (the DL1608) you know that we’ve had mostly positive things to say.


Being that we’ve not yet had a chance to actually take one of these new Behringer units out for an on the road test, about all we can tell you is what Behringer tells us, which is, that the iX16 is a 16 in, 8 bus digital mixer, and it has some unique qualities. Most notable is that those 16 inputs feature the same programmable MIDAS preamps that come in the ultra-popular X32. Next, you don’t need an iPad specifically, the iX16 will work wirelessly with multiple devices including a tablet PC, laptop, Mac computer or iPad mini. So, as you are with the DL1608, you can move about the venue adjusting the mix from wherever you happen to be.


Once these units become available, we’ll be standing in line to get one so we can tell you more. For now, browse over to http://www.behringer.com/EN/products/iX16.aspx for an extensive list of features, and several more images.

Originally posted 2013-02-26 22:36:49.