As a drummer I want to share with you a private thought that may seem out there but here goes…


When I signed on to review Beato’s Drum Bed I was really excited because one of the most important (but subtlest) considerations of my instrument is being comfortable when I play. 


Additionally, if there is one thing that us drummers don’t like it is trying to hit a moving target: i.e., you don’t want your drums moving around from vibration or sliding on your floor covering.


Like every other drummer the floor covering issue is important and one aspect that is often taken for granted.  Without forethought you’ll run into a problem and it ends up a catastrophe.


If you don’t believe me just remember the first gig you played where “the carpet” was not a friend but an enemy and an unwanted distraction.


Sometimes when I run into a percussive colleague all we end up doing is trading tips on “the carpet” and how we wish someone would take our issues to heart.


Well, I am pleased to announce that I have found the “anti-carpet” and my personal solution to the issue. 


Beato’s Drum Bed is the solution.


Stick with me on this one. 


Not only is the Beato Drum Bed a well thought-out product because it doesn’t slide, it is designed to neatly fold up so that storage can be had in most bass drum bags. 


Great concept Fred-O!


The Beato Drum Bed is made with sturdy, light-weight material that has a low-napped fleece surface and a heavy duty vinyl backing that stays in contact with the floor or stage. 


Indeed, this representation is really true.  I placed my foot on the bed and tried to slide the bed and I’ll be; it didn’t move an inch.  


The drum bed is also finished with strong black “Pro 1 Tolex” piping and in total it weighs only about 5 lbs.  Fred Beato even designed the bed to camouflage gear for those times when you have to leave it in your vehicle.  Brilliant!


The Beato Drum Bed comes in three sizes: The Single Kick measures 76″(D) x 82″(W), the Double Kick measures 76″ (D) x 108″ (W), and the Beato Mini Drum Bed measures 5′ (D) x 5′ (W).



The product I reviewed was the Single Kick bed.


In the end I’ll say this.  The Beato Drum Bed is a great looking product. 


It will enhance your stage appeal that’s for sure.  In terms of performance this bed doesn’t move…where you put your drums they will remain.  Ah, certainty. 


Finally, from a storage point of view the bed folds up nicely and for us drummers who often replicate a moving company going to and fro gigs, the last thing we need to worry about is another item to bring with us: the idea for storage in the bass drum bag is Brilliant.


Also nice, is the price.



I highly recommend the Beato Drum Bed for any drummer.  Learn more here:


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Originally posted 2013-09-03 02:28:06.