On November 7th and 8th Bass Player Live 2015 took place at SIR Studios in Hollywood. For the uninitiated the event is a show for all things Bass and is open to the public.The show had great bass clinics, performances and a great gear promenade with lots of top bass gear from the top manufactures. It really was a fun show and I saw lots of cool bass gear and friends too.The highlight of the show was the Bass Player Live awards that were held at the Musician’s Institute campus down the street after the show on the 7th.They gave out lots of cool awards for various categories to bass players that have made a difference to the bass playing community and honor a few outstanding players. One of the honorees this year was Motorhead’s frontman and bassist Lemmy Kilmister . It was a cool ceremony and I’m glad I got to attend. if you’re into bass you definitely need to attend Bass Player Live in November, you’ll be glad you did.