Designed for acoustic guitarists, the Guitar Mic B ($179) has a convenient 9-volt battery belt pack and 1/4" jack that connects to a direct box, acoustic-guitar amp, or wireless mic transmitter.

This pro-quality miniature condenser mic attaches to an acoustic guitar for sound reinforcement and recording. No guitar modification or phantom power is required.

Voiced to convey a guitar’s timbre accurately to an audience, the USA-made mic provides accurate sound while rejecting feedback.

According to Flamenco guitarist/teacher Jason McGuire, "The Guitar Mic B is the best thing I have tried on my guitars in 25 years of searching and trying literally every other mic and pickup under the sun. Bartlett Mics are incredibly natural, transient response is amazing."

A soft-coated steel clip is supplied for mounting the mic on the front surface of a guitar just inside the sound hole. This placement results in high volume from the PA speakers and it isolates the mic from other instruments.

A mic in the sound hole normally sounds boomy, but the frequency response of the Guitar Mic B rolls off in the low frequencies to compensate. The result is a natural, non-boomy tone. Frequency response is claimed to be very smooth from 80 Hz to 20 kHz.

The battery lasts up to 620 hours; unplugging the guitar cord shuts off the battery.

More information and product reviews are at Bartlett Microphones manufactures clip-on mics for acoustic instruments and stage-floor microphones for drama and musicals.

Originally posted 2011-03-30 20:07:13.