Back to the Future was brought to life when engineering students from the University of Wisconsin built a woofer than mimics the one that Marty McFly plugged his guitar into in Doc’s lab


The real-life version is a 6’ diameter poly cone contained in a 8’ x 8’ x 2’ enclosure.  In the video and the official website that describes the speaker’s creation, it appears that the cabinet is of closed back design.


In fact, the entire project appears to be more of a engineering/building challenge rather than a quest for greater audio objectives.  The cabinet is made of “chipboard”, with a single 4” port.  It appears that the shallow depth of the cab was designed to support the rear magnet portion of the speaker than of acoustical consideration.


Still, it is an impressive undertaking with all the tech and specs one would expect of a project from a higher education institution.  Then, throw in the fact that the budget was a mere $600.00 (though some material was donated), it becomes an engineering tour-de-force.


According to the official site, the speaker can function all the way down to 5 Hz which purportedly around the frequency that makes human bowel concerns more urgent…and that is the gentle phrasing.


For those who believe that a 6’ speaker is just too big but request something that impresses nonetheless, we might suggest Neil Young’s Magnatone cabinet.  Cheers.


neils rig


–         Jake Kelly





Originally posted 2013-10-09 23:21:50.