Author: Scott Woodward

The Ampeg V4B Can’t Be Killed

BY SCOTT WOODWARD Anyone who knows me knows I love this amp! I baby it I put a t-shirt over it and it rides in my SUV and not in the trailer for gigs. I baby this amp more than my basses. So, I accept a sub gig with a band I have played with many times in the past. (Full disclosure: It was the Rev.’s band. Scott is our first-call sub.) It’s a casino lounge gig and I’m going to drive myself and put everything in the back of my SUV. Again, this is a casino lounge gig...

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Beat the Buzz: How To Shield Your Bass pickups

BY SCOTT WOODWARD Well this is an area I’m not too familiar with but–par for the course–that didn’t stop me from just diving in. Let me start from the beginning… I bought a very inexpensive Fender Squire 5 string bass. Now, this bass costs around two hundred dollars. I got it to use as a spare to travel with. My thinking was if anything happened to it I could get another one fairly easy. Well, I can never leave well enough alone. I tricked it out with an aluminum bridge from Hipshot, an active pre-amp from Audere and for vanity...

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ISP Beta Bass Preamp Pedal – New Gear Review

This time around we will be taking the ISP Beta Bass pre amp out for a test drive. The Beta Bass is the latest offering from ISP for bass player, WOO HOO !!!! I love it when we get new gear. Let’s look at some info from ISP about the pedal. SP Technologies introduces the Beta Bass Preamp Pedal™ which brings a truly professional bass guitar preamplifier to the floor. The Beta Bass Pedal was designed using an external 9 volt AC adaptor, which is internally multiplied to provide a +/-15 volt power supply for a professional full 30 volt signal swing. The...

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The Ampeg V-4B – Hands On Demo

For years I have wanted to have an Ampeg tube amp so naturally when this opportunity came up I jumped at the chance. The new Ampeg V-4b is a reissue of the old seventies one but with some modern updates. Make no mistake this thing still kicks major ass! I have been using it for many months now and have had more complements on my tone than ever before. Now I am also using the SVT212AV cabinets as well, sometimes one but most times two. I also have in the arsenal the SVT112AV cabinet as well, most of the time this gets used at rehearsals but it perfect for small gigs as well. The people at Ampeg were nice enough to let me put this rig through its paces, and I have been making it scream. I have been working this amp on an average of four nights a week every week since I’ve gotten it. It’s performed great and hasn’t let me down. Well let’s get a little info on this bad boy first before we go any further. This is a direct quote from the Ampeg web site. “The Ampeg V-4B 100W All-Tube Bass Head embodies the legendary tone of the classic V-4B in a portable, modern design perfect for today’s players. From the unique chassis suspension system to the vintage rocker switches, the attention to detail...

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My Home on the Road – Touring Musician

Most of my year is spent staying in casino hotels and doing my lounge gig with a country-rock band, The Voodoo Cowboys. I spend a lot of time in hotel rooms and after a while they all start to look the same. Sure, some are nicer than others, but all in all, it’s still a hotel room. One thing that makes it easier for me to be away from home so much is I make my room feel like it was my own personal apartment. I set it up with things I need and want around the room. I carry an oversized bag so I can fit my boots, sneakers, clothes, iPod speakers and toiletry bag all in the same suitcase. There are things I keep in there all the time, that way I’m guaranteed to have them when I need them. I never take these things out of this bag. There are times when I don’t need all of them, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and if you have the room, go for it. As time goes on everyone develops their own system. Power strip Laundry bag (2) Flip flops and slippers Travel iron w/ voltage adapter Ipod speakers Bandana Swim suit Gym shoes & gym clothes   If I have room and I’m going for an extended stay I pack my single-serving Mr. Coffee maker....

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