Author: Robert Lindquist

How California’s megachurches changed Christian culture

California has more megachurches than any other state: There are over 200 Protestant, theologically conservative churches with at least 2,000 weekly attenders. While most are in major metropolitan areas, megachurches can be seen in the Inland Empire and the Central Valley, on up through Sacramento and as far north as Redding. In my multiple research projects conducted over the last 25 years, I have seen that California megachurches have played a significant role in how millions of people – Christian or not – understand Christianity. How California’s megachurches changed Christian culture Author: Richard Flory – Senior Director of Research and...

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NAMM 2018: EarthQuaker Devices introduces Westwood Translucent Drive Manipulator and 5 V2 pedals

  By Michael Astley-Brown The Westwood promises clarity-rich low-to-medium overdrive, while V2 pedals comprise the Avalanche Run, Spatial Delivery, Hoof Reaper, The Depths and Rainbow Machine. The Hoof Reaper V2, The Depths V2 and Rainbow Machine V2 add soft-touch relay switching, while the Spatial Delivery V2, Hoof Reaper V2, The Depths V2 and Rainbow Machine V2 all now feature EQD’s Flexi-Switch, for latching or momentary modes. There are a couple of circuit updates, too: the Rainbow Machine offers an improved signal-to-noise ratio, more output and versatility, while the Avalanche Run delivers a “more stunning” stereo image. PRESS RELEASE: Westwood...

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Yamaha Supports Six String Theory Competition For Guitar Players, Bassists, Keyboardists and Drummers

@NAMM 2018 – Here’s the story from For the sixth consecutive time, Yamaha is sponsoring the Six String Theory Competition, hosted by Grammy®-winning guitarist and producer, Lee Ritenour. The biennial competition accepts performer applications for guitar, bass, piano/keyboards and drums, and offers winners performance opportunities and scholarships, as well as prizes from sponsors. Yamaha supports the competition with its contribution to a prize package worth approximately $15,000.00. Registration is open January 15, 2018 via the contest website — — and entries are made by submitting two YouTube videos for consideration. Yamaha Supports Six String Theory Competition For Guitar Players, Bassists, Keyboardists and Drummers thumbnail courtesy of...

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Snapshot Review: Audio-Technica’s ATM350a

Need a mic that can be placed up-close on virtually any acoustic instrument? Something small, yet capable of producing a crisp and intelligible sound that doesn’t get lost in the mix? If, in the world of audio, there existed a Swiss Army Mic, it would be Audio-Technica’s ATM350a and its rebel band of cool mounting tools. Click this link and read our review at...

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Yamaha Headphone Comparison: The HPH-MT5, HPH-MT7, HPH-MT8. Which is better?

What goes on inside your own head is your business—especially when you are flipping-off reality and holing up in your favorite listening space to get intimate with your most holy playlist. Once inside the sonic bubble created by a comfy pair of great sounding “cans” the troubles of the day just melt away. The auditory pleasures provided are personal and confidential. So, it pains me to no end to see that in recent years, over the ear and on ear (as opposed to in-ear) headphones have become more of a tacky totemistic fashion statement than a one-way musical ticket...

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