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Ronnie James Dio Memorial

On May 16th 2015 I attended the Memorial Event to celebrate the life of the late legendary rock singer Ronnie James Dio.  We lost him to cancer on May 16th, 2010.  He was a major influence of so many of our contemporary rock singers of the day. He also invented the heavy metal rock horns that we all use (I’m so guilty of that, lol). Ronnie was a major supporter of various charities while he was alive so it was no surprise that his Stand Up and Shout Cancer Foundation founded and ran by his wife Wendy Dio has...

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Can You Have Too Many Guitars?

As guitar players, as you start to acquire a few instruments, someone inevitably always asks how many guitars do you really need ( it’s more often than not a girlfriend or wife).  Definitely a subjective thing, for sure… When I was a kid, I used to sit and stare at pics of Ace Frehley and his extensive vintage guitar collection, wishing for the day when I would have lots of guitars (at the time I had one).  Many of us have faced this question, including myself from various ex-girlfriends over the years.  I do have a lot of guitars that...

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Recording Yourself – How To Start

Being an independent recording artist, I learned early on that what works best for me is recording myself.  Like most musicians, I learned the hard way by going to recording studios to record my music only to have some engineer /producer wreck it.  Well, after a few nightmare studio sessions I decided I would do it myself. I went out and bought a second hand Fostex 4 track machine in the late 80’s and taught myself how to use it. In no time, I was making cool little demos and recording a few things for friends too! I then jumped to ADATs (an early digital recorder that recorded on VHS tapes) . With the digital quality you were able to make records/CDs in your home. It was a steep learning curve to get familiar with the ADAT, but I read a bunch of books, bothered a bunch of friends, and finally got the hang of them.  I and started producing and engineering my own CDs .  That was great for a while until the invention of ProTools (the digital recording standard these days) .This was a very steep learning curve that I’m still on to this day. I jumped in and I hit brick walls sometimes.  Even after years of use, I’m still always bothering friends when I run into problems every now and then.  With that said,  I...

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Guitarist Nita Strauss discusses being a female artist, video game music, and football.

While attending the opening game of LA KISS Football a couple weeks ago,  I was pleasantly surprised when it was announced that the national anthem was going to be performed by guitarist Nita Strauss. Simply put, she came out and killed it, and the crowd went nuts..She also performed through out the game from the stage at the end of the field. I took the opportunity to chat with Nita to see what it’s like to be part of LA KISS Football and her to learn her philosophies on playing guitar....

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Ronny North on Demonstrating Gear at NAMM 2014

As I mentioned in my last blog, I had quite a busy 2014 Winter NAMM.  I started by headlining the kick off concert the night before the show, Whlie I was already tired after that show, I had to be ready to perform daily for my sponsors. This year I was performing for my sponsors FXC Wireless, Floyd Rose, and Essential Sound. I was also doing a signing event at the M.I.A. Products booth. Over the years, I have learned a few thing playing NAMM that I’d like so share. First off, travel light and make sure you wear comfortable shoes since you will be on your feet all day. I’ve also learned to bring in the least amount of gear possible. This is what I take in: one guitar in a gig bag (the gig bag is packed with a few things like picks, a guitar tool, cables and my strap), and my Bullet Proof pedalboard that has a few pedals on it to get my basic sounds. The Bullet Proof board is a great self-contained board with an on board power supply. I can change up the pedals to suit whatever I’m doing.  For example, this year I used an AMT D3 Distortion, Whirlwind phaser, Digitech delay and Morley Tremonti Wah.  Since I don’t take an amp in the show, this set up allows me to get...

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