Author: Riley Wilson

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  • Scared For 40 Years… Of What? (SPL Network)
    Ken “Pooch Van Druten: The thing that struck me most about it was the fact that the people that we worked with in Russia (not just this time, but EVERY time) made me TRULY question why we, as the American people, were deathly afraid of the Soviet Union for 40 or more years.  The people […]
  • The Band Hired Me (I Mean, Him…). I’m (I Mean He’s) In Charge (SPL Network)
    Keith Nochodsky: I did my share of touring in the 80s. I ran into all sorts of systems. Most of them in some state of disrepair. I ran into my share of house engineers. Most of them trying their best to keep their systems up and running. Some, not so much. The post The Band Hired […]
  • Larry Hall Rant: Why We Don’t Do Backline (SPL Network)
    I quit doing back line after one particularly fun experience with a country act. Just as a teaser, it is evidently possible for a Fender Twin to sound too much like a Fender Twin. Whatever, dude. So I am back to giving a bunch of business to that same local vendor. And I give it […]
  • So, Tell Me, How Does It Sound Now? (SPL Network)
    Journalism, in theory, is supposed to be non-biased reporting which delivers a factual account of an event….”Just the facts Mam.”  Journalists report and you decide, but whom can one believe? The post So, Tell Me, How Does It Sound Now? (SPL Network) appeared first on Level11Media.
  • JH Audio JH-16 Custom In-Ear Monitors (SPL Network)
    As the owner of a sound company I often try to convince my clients that in-ears are the way to go. As a musician I have fought this tooth and nail—Until a recent opportunity changed my mind. I can argue both sides of this debate all day long, the sound guy in me says “lets […]