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Gigging Right: Playing With Tracks

By Jerry Cobb So your drummer quit, your bass player has taken up yoga and won’t learn the songs, and you can’t find a keyboard player willing to drive to your gigs? Never fear. No musician likes to admit defeat. I think in the long run, we would all prefer to have the most awesome live band ever complete with personalities that don’t want to kill each other and people who show up and give 1000% every second. But we live in an imperfect world. And if you’ve spent a lot of time struggling to find the right band members...

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Flare Audio Universal Fit IEMs

I have been a pretty tireless advocate of getting musicians on in-ear systems for monitoring for a really long time.  And I run up against the same three objections all the time.   1) Isolation. This is actually a FEATURE of custom in-ears but some people don’t like it 2) Hate the feeling of something in their ear. Not a lot I can do with that one 3) Cost. Which is one I totally get. Custom in-ears are pricey. And add a trip to an audiologist to have molds made and it increases both the cost and the hassle...

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“This Plugin Saved My Mix”

by Bill Evans “The one plugin that has saved many of my mixing days? I would have to say is Waves C4.” There have been many instances but most recently, I was mixing for Usher’s current LP Looking For Myself and one of the songs I mixed was “I Care For You”. The main wobble synth part that goes on throughout the song was the core element in the record. That part just made it so incredible, so it HAD to sit in the right space. Usher was very particular about it as well. He loved the sound but...

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New@NAMM: Audio-Technica System 10 PRO

Like all System 10 models, the System 10 PRO Rack-Mount operates in the 2.4 GHz range, keeping it free not only from TV interference but also from the uncertain regulatory future facing the TV bands. Its durable rack-mount chassis houses one or two receiver units that can be operated locally within the chassis or be removed and mounted remotely (up to 300 feet away) via Ethernet cable. This groundbreaking approach to delivering wireless increases the versatility of the system while also greatly enhancing wave propagation – without the substantial expense of adding an antenna distributor and corresponding cables. Additionally,...

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How Did They Make It? Meghan Trainor

You don’t have to be skinny to have a hit… BY: Lisa Popeil   Pop singer and songwriter Meghan Trainor scored her first hit at the age of 20 with “All About That Bass”. Born in Massachusetts in 1993, Trainor began making music when she was 7 and wrote her first song at 11.  Not only did she play trumpet in her high school jazz band, she also played guitar and keyboard and sang in a local band for four years.   Trainor attended a five-week Performance Program at Boston’s Berklee College with the goal of being a professional songwriter and by the age of 18 had released three albums of her own material leading to a publishing deal with Big Yellow Dog Music.   The publishing deal led her to co-writing trips in LA, Nashville and New York City resulting in cuts by Rascal Flatts, Sabrina Carpenter and Macy Kate.   One of her co-writer/producers, Kevin Kadish, came up with the title “All Bass, No Treble” but with no story attached.  Trainer responded with “What about booty”? Since she often said “I’m all about that”, the title was changed to “All About That Bass”.  They produced the demo and shopped it unsuccessfully to record labels and publishers for six months until L.A. Reid at Epic Records heard it, signed Trainor to an artist deal, and released the demo...

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