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Always Be Humble…humility goes a long way

BY PAUL MILLS Always Be Humble…humility goes a long way The teenaged cashier saw a guitar pick mixed in with the coins as I was paying for groceries at Smiths and asked me if I was a musician. I said yes, hoping that would be the end of it. But then he asked how I liked Vegas, what instrument I play, what kind of music, etc. Not wanting to go into my life’s musical history while I was paying for a gallon of milk, ramen noodles, a 12 pack, kool-aid drink mix and a Nestle Crunch bar (impulse item),...

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Top 8 Ways to Record Your Gig

While editing Riley Wilson’s latest Solo Gigger blog on recording gig–less as a way to promote yourself and more as a way to improve your act–I started to insert a bunch of examples of hardware and software tools and then stopped, realizing that this really called for its own, stand-alone post. So, here ya go… Recording gigs is a great way to get a real idea of how a show went. Let’s be real, in the heat of battle, it’s all but impossible to objectively gauge how things are going. An enthusiastic audience can make you think that a...

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Line 6 Relay G70 Guitar Wireless System

By Rev. Bill There has been a cornucopia of wireless lately at the palatial L2P/SPL West HQ. I feel like I have written about nothing but wireless systems for ages. But this one is special for me. You see, I took a lot of crap for my early and enthusiastic adoption and support for digital wireless. That started about 15 years ago when I met Guy Cocker and Jamie Scott at a fledgling company called X-Wire. Guy was the first person to figure out how to make digital transmissions work for music. It was, he told me back then,...

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ROAD TEST GEAR REVIEW: Shure PSM 300 In-Ear Monitor System

By Rev. Bill If you have been waiting to switch over to an in-ear-monitoring system because either A) the systems available were complicated and difficult to set up and run for the musician who knows how to set up a basic PA but not much else about audio or B) they were just too expensive, then it is time to stop waiting. There have been some fairly inexpensive in-ear systems out there but they have been OK at best. The Shure PSM 300 is designed from the get go with musicians in mind and it is priced at a...

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Rockn Stompn RS-4 PLUS Sequencing Power Strip

The order in which audio gear gets turned on matters. Those of you with a bit of experience know this already but still, sometimes we forget. Or we get involved with something else that takes up mental bandwidth and the next thing we know, we have sent a speaker-shattering transient through the PA. It is a source of amusement and derision for pretty much everyone except the unfortunate soul who owns the PA in question. For those who are still learning or who missed this part of class, a transient in the world of sound is just what it...

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  • Multiple Grammy-Winning Producer, Mixer and Engineer Darrell Thorp Hails IsoAcoustics New ISO Series
    Seven-time Grammy®Award-winning producer, mixer and engineer Darrell Thorp’s first experience with IsoAcoustics ISO Series speaker stands came when he needed to raise the reference monitors at his Los Angeles facility, 101 Recording, to ear height. “I remember thinking how clear and punchy my speakers sounded,” says Thorp. On that occasion, Thorp, who has been recognized […]
  • Yamaha PM7s ‘Starr’ at Front of House and Monitors
    Photo ID: L to R: Front of house engineer Brian Bavido and monitor engineer Brad Galvin at Yamaha PM7 front of house. Ringo Starr and His All Starr 2018 Band is touring with two new Yamaha PM7 Digital Audio Consoles in both the U.S and Europe (one at front of house for engineer Brian Bavido […]
  • Shure Announces New Vice Presidents in Global Sales
    Shure Incorporated today announced promotions for four key sales executives. Peter James has been named Vice President of Global Sales, Pro Audio. Peter has been in the audio industry for 30 years, with more than 20 of them at Shure. He has been Managing Director of Shure Distribution UK since 2009, and, since 2015, has […]
  • Glensound Announces Virgil OB Dante AES67 Headphone Amplifier with Local Analog Output
    Glensound, the UK-based manufacturer of audio products for the broadcast, sound reinforcement, installation, and theatrical markets and ASK Sales are pleased to introduce the Virgil OB Dante/ AES67 Headphone Amplifier with Local Analog Outputs. Packaged in a rugged and compact form factor, the Virgil OB headphone amp was designed for outside broadcast and theatrical applications […]
  • alt-J Makes History with L-ISA
    Rat Sound deploys full L-Acoustics surround system for one-of-a-kind performance at New York City’s famous tennis and concert venue QUEENS, New York – September 2018 — UK band alt-J, currently on a world tour in support of their third studio album, 2017’s Relaxer, recently made history as the first rock band to use L-Acoustics’ groundbreaking […]


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