Author: Bill Evans

Scare LA Gets Its Goth On

I was fortunate enough to attend the 2017 Scare LA Summer Halloween Convention. When I arrived I was surprised at how much its grown since I attended the last time. When we walked in, it was bustling with activity. On top of lots of cool venders with great Halloween/goth /sci-fi goodies there were some cool scary mazes, scifi/horror star signings, horror attractions and horror movies in a screening room in the rear of the hall. All free with admission. On top of all this there were industry panels as well. I attended a panel for Universal Studios Horror nights....

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How To Survive Summer NAMM

Well it’s already time for 2017 Summer NAMM. I’ve missed it the last couple years but my sponsor, Stone Tone, decided he wanted me to do the show. On top of that I was going to be breaking in my brand new Viper RN prototype guitar that was literally finished a couple days before I flew out. This would be it’s big test using it for all my demos and subjecting it to the crazy Nashville heat. On a related note, the cool peeps at Gator Cases offered to give me one of their cool gig bags for the...

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Tipling Rock: Small Space, Big Sound

By Gihan Salem Williams Think you need more space to record your magnum opus? Boston-based Tipling Rock does all of their recording in… a dorm room. 1) You record music in your dorm – how does that work and when do you find the time? It’s a challenge, both in the sense of time and space, but that’s also part of the fun. We mostly end up recording at night when we have some free time. For louder sources like drums (which also require more space) we find other places, but for things like guitar, vocals, and bass the...

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The Solo Gigger: Movin’ Out (?)

by Riley Wilson One of the critical factors for successful solo musicians is to live in an area with sufficient work. Because some areas of the country or world change over time, moving can become a necessity. I have done this many times in my life for personal and professional reasons and the results have been rewarding. The late session great Tommy Tedesco encouraged players serious about a music career to relocate to a bigger city in his book, “For Guitar Players Only.” When I moved to Los Angeles in 1983, I was inspired to work harder than I...

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Gear Review: Tech 21 RK5 FlyRig

By Rev. Bill I had a size problem. It was too damn big. In November of last year I did the longest run of gigs I have ever done at one venue. We did 19 nights in a span of 25 days at the Aquarius in Laughlin, NV. And I had a epiphany about gear. Well, to be more accurate about broken gear. The run was five-days-on, two-days-off for four weeks and in the middle of the 2nd run, I had two guitars—out the three I was carrying—go down. Weird coincidence, but both my 335 and my Black Falcon...

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  • Neo Instruments Goes to the DRIVE IN
    Neo Instruments has introduced the DRIVE IN, a new addition to their current range of guitar effects pedals. Aimed at the player who likes a classic overdrive sound when playing blues or rock music, the DRIVE IN offers not only the typical overdrive sounds, but also offers a vast array of tonal variations. The DRIVE […]
  • Darcy Kahn Chooses DiGiCo For DJ Logic Tour
    One of the hottest summers ever sees one of the hottest rap artists on tour — Logic’s most recent release and the tour’s namesake went right to Billboard’s number-one slot, but the DiGiCo SD7 consoles they’re carrying can handle the heat and the heavy-duty low end DETROIT, Michigan – August 2018 — When Darcy Khan […]
  • Celestion Debuts the G12 EVH Impulse Responses – Now You Can Digitally Download the Eddie Van Halen Signature Speaker Tone 
    Celestion, the premier manufacturer of guitar and bass loudspeakers with a celebrated history in creating the world’s renowned classic guitar tones, is pleased to introduce the new G12 EVH Impulse Response, as the latest addition to their acclaimed line of IRs, the definitive digital representations of the company’s classic guitar speaker tones. The G12 EVH […]
  • Young Engineer/Producer Josh Bellatti Finds Continued Success Working from His PhantomFocus MixRoom
    The importance and benefits of truly accurate monitoring cannot be overestimated for any serious audio engineer. However, as a learning tool, accurate monitoring has particular significance. Ed Seay, a sought-after engineer and instructor at Belmont University’s Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business, has this to say: “These young students will be the new […]
  • Group One Ltd Taps Lienau AV Associates As New England Rep
    Press Release – For Immediate Release Group One Ltd. Taps Lienau AV Associates Hammonton, New Jersey-based Lienau AV Associates has now become one of the latest independent manufacturers’ representative firms to join the Group One Limited network. Servicing four of the US distributor’s pro audio brands—DiGiCo, KLANG, XTA and MC2—the newly appointed company is reporting […]


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