Author: Jamie Rio

Small Format Mixing Consoles For Churches

 My point here is not to sell you on any particular manufacturer or model but to let you see how I went through my decision process. You will have to do the same thing in one fashion or another. So, I suggest you do your...

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Video Review: PreSonus 16.0.2

I first took out a piece of PreSonus equipment back in the mid ‘90s. I was impressed with the gear and later (after I met them) was impressed with the techs from Baton Rouge Louisiana (the home of PreSonus). Fast forward a...

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    VIDEO FEATURE: “It’s so cute.. It’s so small… Is that for girls?” Well, the L2P Network’s Scott Woodward says NOT!” Scott is a professional, full-time bass player in Las Vegas who recently subbed out his large amp rack and 4 x 10 cabinet for the Ampeg SVT Micro VR . Check out the video for the details… The post […]
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    A couple of pieces of industry news that may have gotten lost amidst the poop-show that passes for common culture and attention spans these days. Buyouts happen all the time and we should all expect so see more of them for a couple of reasons. 1) Many of the founders of enterprises ranging from smaller […]
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    The first gig was just a warm-up, this time we took the Cerwin Vega Active system out on a much larger gig—how did it do? If you missed the first part in thise series of reviews (which includes a description of the system and it’s features) you might want to GO BACK to go back […]