Author: Jamie Rio

The Ten Commandments of Audio

Actually, the word commandment is a little presumptuous on my part, so I will simply call them ‘rules.’ The fact is, there is no one thing in audio production that is really difficult to learn. And, if we break down all the...

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Proper Placement For A Lav Mic

Just sos you know, the Lavalier mic took it’s name from a pendant popularized by a mistress of France’s King Louie the 14th. They are so named as they are intended to be attached to the lapel at about the same level...

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Reducing Feedback With Portico 5045

Ok, before we get into it, let me first say a couple of things.   First, I love the name of this piece gear.   Maybe it just appeals to the nerd in me but “Primary Source Enhancer” is a cool name.   Second,...

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Drums: Rockin’ At A Reasonable Volume

When we think of the ancient city of Jericho, we think about the Israelites marching around the walls for seven days, playing their trumpets until the “walls came tumbling down.” However, historically speaking, along with horns,...

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