Author: Jake Kelly

Stage Plots: What They Are, Why You Need One, How To Make One

What goes where? That is the question and the stage plot is the answer. This simple picture is usually nothing more than a large rectangle that represents the stage that shows where the musicians and their gear will be located within it. Guitar and Bass amplifiers and speaker cabinets (including monitors) are typically represented with smaller rectangles, and the drums and cymbals with circles. Keyboards are usually just elongated rectangles, but sometime a representation of the actual keys can be added in. Microphones can be represented with anything from a “x” to a small circle to a small mic...

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Making Your Own Luck: How The Podunk Poets Played Stagecoach

A few weeks back, my band played the Stagecoach Music Festival. For those that don’t know about the Stagecoach fest, it is the country music equivalent of the Coachella Music Festival. In fact, it is on the same grounds and uses the same stages (and the same production from Rat Sound) as Coachella: So, yeah, it’s kind of a big deal. sent me a note saying they’re running an issue on playing festivals and they thought the story of how my band, the Podunk Poets, got booked would make a good blog and perhaps could help others that are...

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Hosa Elite Series Cables: What’s in it for me?

What’s in a cable? No, really…What is in a guitar cable? Most all guitar cables look the same. They have ¼” jacks on either end, some kind of stress relief for an inch or so off the jack, and 15 to 20 feet of cable in between. Hosa’s Elite series in somewhat based off of the old mother’s adage, “It what’s inside that counts.” Not that the Elite series is any kind of ugly duckling. In fact, it looks quite dapper…as far as guitar cables go, anyway. The flexable PVC wrap on the exterior of the cable looks like black...

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Gibson Min-ETune: A Dream Realized

This was the dream…a guitar that tuned itself. Now it is a reality: the Gibson Min-ETune robotic tuning gears actually tune the guitar all by its lonesome with a mere push of a button. This is the robotic tuning gears actually turning themselves each to the correct pitch just as you would manually. Watching the tuner engage and turning the keys brings to mind the Transformers movies, Robocop and the old fashion player piano. It is pretty fun to watch. Gibson used a previous version of this technology on their Robot guitars, which also required a different bridge and...

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Gretsch Electromatic G5420: Video Review

by Jake Kelly Gretsch guitars are iconic, no doubt. It would be hard to picture Brian Setzer or Chet Atkins without one. Can the affordable Electromatic line still give you that great Gretsch sound? We were able to nab a new Gretsch Electromatic G5420 single cutaway hollowbody for review, but before we dive into it lets take a look at how it evolved. A few years back, Gretsch pulled the string a little tighter on their semi-pro/student line of instruments that were, frankly, all over the map in terms of style and quality. The end result was the Electromatic...

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