Author: Tim Hemingway

A Shure Winner!

Shure Microphones annouces the winner of the “Get The Gig” competition.NILES, Ill., May 8, 2013—Shure Incorporated today announced the winner of the Company’s second annual “Get the Gig” internship competition....

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  • Orange Amplification Introduce TremLord 30
    Orange Amplification is proud to announce their most vintage guitar amplifier ever, the TremLord 30, a 30w 1×12 all valve guitar combo with built-in valve driven tremolo and reverb. Orange have done it differently again – making a fifties inspired amp for the modern player, see the TremLord in action here. Designed in the UK […]
  • DW Crafts First-Ever Pure Almond Drumsets
    Drum Workshop Inc. recently announced the introduction of a new wood choice to their award-winning Collector’s Series® line. Pure Almond™ is the hardest wood currently offered in the California Custom Shop assortment, possessing a bright sonic personality in the same family as Pure Oak™ and Pure Purpleheart™. Handcrafted in DW’s California Custom Shop, the ground-breaking […]
  • Genelec 8341A Smart Active Monitors Are “The Ones” for Engineer Riley Mackin on Sessions for Childish Gambino in the Studio and on the Road
    Engineer and mixer Riley Mackin has encountered Genelec monitoring just about everywhere he’s worked professionally, so it’s not surprising that he turned to Genelec 8341A Smart Active Monitors™ for his own personal studio in Los Angeles this year, buying a 2+1 monitoring system that’s rounded out with a Genelec 7360 subwoofer, all purchased through retailer […]
  • Gretsch Drums Expands Catalina Series
    Since its initial launch in 2001, Gretsch Catalina has received many high marks from students, educators, and performing drummers alike. Since inception, Catalina Maple and Club series drums continue to offer exceptional value to drummers of all skills levels. Next year, Gretsch Drums has announced the launch of several new colors and configurations, as well […]
  • Propellerhead Partners with MIND Music Labs to Provide a Cost-Effective and Scalable Path for Rack Extension Hardware Integration
    Propellerhead Software today announced a partnership with MIND Music Labs, enabling manufacturers to run Rack Extension plugins on instruments and music hardware products with ultra-low latency. This provides hardware manufacturers with an incredibly scalable, powerful and cost-effective way to incorporate Propellerhead’s future-proof Rack Extension platform into hardware synthesizers and effects using widely available ARM & […]