Author: Danny Wood

The Concert for Union Beach

By K Bo With all that goes on in this world, when given the opportunity to shed light on something which is inherently good I want to pounce on it. There’s a tendency for the media to sometimes dwell on drama and negative events, rather than the positive. So conversely, I’m here to tell you guys about a real worthy cause which is taking place in my own backyard here on the Jersey Shore on June 2, 2013. My good friends at Big Poppy Productions are seriously involved in the media promotion of a musical festival which is driven...

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I’ve Got a Name: The Beast

Often guitarists experiment with their guitar in an attempt to make it better suit their needs. AC/DC’s Malcolm Young’s Gretsch Firebird seems to be one of those guitars that went through a period of evolution before the artist hit a minimalist approach that fit the bill. The neck and later added middle pickups are nowhere to be seen and their cavities remain vacant. The Burns vibrato went away and found its way back. The guitar’s original red finish long...

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Review: Soundcraft Notepad 124FX PA Mixer

If you are like me, you are likely always on the look out for things you can do to make your performances or recordings better. Sometimes that augmentation is on a grand scale (a new guitar, anyone?); but often one can make small changes that have a big impact. One of those changes just might the addition of a small tool to your audio arsenal: a small-format PA mixer. Using a portable PA for the intimate gig is all the rage these days; however, plugging your instrument or your voice directly into many of these admittedly very helpful devices can...

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New@NAMM 2015: Auralex HoverMat, HoverDeck

The HoverMat is a sturdy, slip-resistant drummers’ mat that improves acoustical isolation and clarifies drum tone. The HoverMat features a 4’x6′ section of Auralex’s acclaimed sound-deadening SheetBlok™ sound barrier material, covered with charcoal gray Ozite-type, commercial-grade, road-ready carpet, and is ideal for musicians on the go, worship groups, live performance venues, or anywhere a drum kit needs additional isolation. The HoverMat can be rolled up after any performance or session, and the included heavy-duty cinch sack makes transport a breeze. The more substantial HoverDeck’s rugged MDF laminate core and IsoPuck™ modular risers minimize structure-borne sound transmission and sympathetic vibrations...

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