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Your Own Little Place On the World Wide Web

We’ll get back to things like MySpace and YouTube soon, but it all starts with a Web site. Here is how you get you own little corner of the Web. Step 1: Get a Domain Name The name of your site (the “”) may really...

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So, Here We Are Again…

Last time, I told you about the first 3 steps in getting a Web site. In case you need a review, they were: 1) Get a domain name 2) Decide who will host your site 3) Build the site Of course, we aren’t quite finished...

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When It All Comes Crashing Down…

OK, I have something I want to rant about. You may have noticed that the L2P site was kinda screwy for awhile, and as Webmaster I’ve had to fix all the screwups… Both mine and those of others. While it’s better...

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Peer-to-Peer Online Networking

Welcome to yet another edition of the adventures of Cybergirl. I was talking to my editor recently about some of the things that we’re developing for the L2P Network’s ever growing online presence, and we started...

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Talk To The Boss

We have been talking about ways to use online tools to communicate with your various “audiences.” Last time, we talked about peer-to-peer communication—talking with other musicians using communities such as our...

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  • Westone ES5 IEMs
    It was not that long ago–less than a year–that I swore off personally reviewing in-ear personal monitors. I have done so many reviews that I have multiple units from most of the major players. I have not heard/used the stuff made by JH Audio or Fidelity but have or have used multiple models by Future […]
  • Heil Drum Mics
    OMG!!!!!! Heil drum mics are my new BFF!!!!! Now that I’ve made myself sound like a girl from the valley…   I’ll try to compose myself and act like the audio professional that I am. HAAAAA!!!!!!!!   On a more serious note the test piece, or pieces, is the Heil HDK-8 drum mic package. Now […]
  • Sensaphonics offers free email consultation with Dr. Michael Santucci
    Sensaphonics, the technology leader in personal monitoring and hearing wellness, is offering free email consultation with Dr. Michael Santucci for music industry professionals during the company’s COVID-19 lockdown. Dr. Santucci is a globally recognized expert and advocate in hearing wellness for musicians, and founder and President of Sensaphonics. Each day during April, Dr. Santucci will […]
  • BIZ: You’ve Got the Power–Use It!
    QUESTION : WHO IS GETTING RECORD DEALS THESE DAYS and ARE THEY REALLY NECESSARY FOR SUCCESS?   THE INDIE REPORT  –   by JAY WARSINSKE,   The ‘Major Labels’ are down to only four and one of those is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy! Some pros are saying  it will be down to […]
  • How To Live Before You Die
    "You can’t connect the dots looking forward. Only looking back. So follow your heart and trust that eventually the dots will connect."  This commencement speech by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs contains great advice for anyone looking for a career on the creative side of things.  The post How To Live Before You Die appeared first […]