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Microphone Survives Truck Rollover

Here’s an interesting video of a stage-floor microphone being run over by a truck. The soundtrack is the live audio signal from the microphone shown in the video. If you ever wondered what it sounds like to be run over by...

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Real Drums or Drum Samples?

I’d like to record a live drum set for my songs, but it’s tricky to do, and it’s hard to get a good sound in my bedroom! Should I try a drum machine or triggered drum samples? What are the pros and cons of...

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Vocal Levels and Reverb

I’m recording our acoustic band with a portable stereo digital recorder on a table. The vocals are always too quiet in the recording, but they don’t sound that way live. I thought that digital recorders were supposed...

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Getting started in computer recording

I want to record my musical ideas with a computer recording studio but I don’t know where to begin. What gear do I need? How does it work? — Sarah, Omaha, NE A songwriter’s computer studio can be pretty simple....

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    VIDEO FEATURE: “It’s so cute.. It’s so small… Is that for girls?” Well, the L2P Network’s Scott Woodward says NOT!” Scott is a professional, full-time bass player in Las Vegas who recently subbed out his large amp rack and 4 x 10 cabinet for the Ampeg SVT Micro VR . Check out the video for the details… The post […]
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    A couple of pieces of industry news that may have gotten lost amidst the poop-show that passes for common culture and attention spans these days. Buyouts happen all the time and we should all expect so see more of them for a couple of reasons. 1) Many of the founders of enterprises ranging from smaller […]
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    The first gig was just a warm-up, this time we took the Cerwin Vega Active system out on a much larger gig—how did it do? If you missed the first part in thise series of reviews (which includes a description of the system and it’s features) you might want to GO BACK to go back […]