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Alesis JamDock

JamDock is the cleanest way for musicians to integrate an iPod into any practice or live music setup. Dock up the iPod, plug your instrument into one of the two 1/4" inputs (or both if you are using a stereo instrument like...

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  • Gear Review: Proel DB1A and DB2A Direct Boxes (SPL Network)
    Larry Hall: Direct boxes are one of those non-sexy but crucial items in the signal chain. They get little attention and, like, zero love when it comes to press and gear reviews. But I dare you to go out on any decent sized gig without a handful of them. In the video for this review […]
  • Sound Advice: Dirk Durham (SPL Network)
    Dirk Durham has been mixing Toby Keith for nearly two decades and has come up with a cool solution using panning and compression to make backing vox and a horn section super present but never allows them to muck up the middle of the mix. The post Sound Advice: Dirk Durham (SPL Network) appeared first […]
  • Live Sound 101: Microphone Basics (SPL Network)
    Microphones are the most important tools used in live sound. Just as a carpenter must know how to use power tools to accomplish a certain task,musicians and engineers need to know how to effectively choose and use the right microphone in order to get predictable, consistent results. The post Live Sound 101: Microphone Basics (SPL […]
  • Comparing Four Software Audio Maximizers (SPL Network)
    Bruce Bartlett: “All limiters reduce the peak level of transients and reduce transient clarity and focus. I wanted to compare the sound of four peak limiter/normalizers, also called maximizers.” The post Comparing Four Software Audio Maximizers (SPL Network) appeared first on Level11Media.
  • On the Road For 16 Years With Peter Frampton (SPL Network)
    At the time we published this, Vinnie had been with Peter Frampton for 16 years. As we add this to Snapshot, we’re at 22 years. A look at mixing shows for the artist with the biggest selling live album of all time. After 16 Years With Peter Frampton, Vinnie Kowalsky Stopped Counting Shows–and Miles–A Long […]