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Video Review: Placid Audio Copperphone Mic

We gave it to alt country artist Justin Mather to see what he could do with it on his most recent recordings. Here’s what he said about it…   By Justin Mather   Placid Audio has designed one seriously cool retro mic in the Copperphone. The Copperphone is a passive magnetic moving coil transducer mic that is designed to recreate retro or AM radio characteristics. This is not only achieved by use of vintage components but by it’s unique ported tube copper housing. Basically, a chamber has been created in the housing of the mic that reduces lower frequencies and accentuates the upper range. It’s probably the first thing you’ll notice about this mic when you put anything through it. Think Rob Thomas on the verses of “Smooth” or the intro of “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People. I recently used the Copperphone to record some background vocals in my studio on a new track. The Copperphone’s sound immediately reminded me of the way AM radio sounds. So I thought it would work well on this shout/chant part that I was experimenting with. Due to the lo-fi quality of the Copperphone, it wouldn’t be my go-to microphone for recording the main vocal or any instrument that I wanted to sound round and full. However, it did work well for background vocals on this particular song and would be perfect...

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Don't Fear The Cowbells

This is the Story Behind the creation of The World’s Largest Cowbell Band.  (Story by Courtney Tudor, From Madeira, Ohio is the personification of small town America. (Suburb located in Cincinnati) Every year Madeira has a Fourth of July celebration that kicks off with a parade in the evening, and concludes with food, festivities, and fireworks at Madeira Sellman Park. Practically the entire town of Madeira attends the celebration (3000 plus). The Tudor family, longtime residents of Madeira, has a tradition of participating in the annual parade with humorous entries. Examples of past entries include: 1. Ms. Senior America (Grandma Tudor) 2. Madeira Mensa Society (A collection of Madeira Football Players) 3. Madeira Procrastination Club – To join call 1-800-WHENEVER 4. People for the Ethical Treatment of Cicadas – Next Mtg in 16 yrs 9 mos. … and of course the all time favorite, the “Madeira Cowbell Band”. WATCH THE VIDEO When reminiscing about the Cowbell Band, a repeat performance was discussed except going bigger & better. This of course snowballed into the idea of breaking the Guinness World Record. Yeah, we’re getting the band back together, and we’re inviting a thousand of our closest friends! Your humble host is the Chief Creative Cowbeller (CCC) of the Tudor Family. A leading force behind the numerous shennanigans. This event will be difficult to top.  Also see

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The Sweetness

Independent Solo Artists Chloe Charles, Sam McLellan, Aly Tadros and Douglas Jay Boyd Form International Folk Supergroup.How did four individuals from two countries, with a multitude of genres and instruments under their belts, meet and become The Sweetness? Singer-songwriter soul-mates Aly Tadros, Chloe Charles, Douglas Jay Boyd and double bassist Sam McLellan managed to find each other during a late night of impromptu jamming at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Memphis, Tennessee this year.      Each accomplished individually, singer-songwriter Aly Tadros and singer-songwriter/percussionist Douglas Jay Boyd (both From Austin, Tex.) and singer-songwriter Chloe Charles and composer/session musician/double bassist Sam McLellan (both from Toronto, Ont.) joined forces to create folk supergroup The Sweetness and launch their debut recording What’s It Like To Be A Sprinkler, I Wonder? produced by Gordon Raphael....

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Live2Play Digital

Live2Play Digital is publsihed bi-monthly and includes popular content from our Website along with additional reviews and articles. To access the latest issues, CLICK HERE

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