Even after the passage of nearly two thousand years, we can still connect with an authentic faith. Author Wayne Jacobsen leads the way in Finding Church: What If There Really Is Something More? (Trailview Media).

Jacobsen’s goal is to provide a fresh view of the church and unlock its potential for a new generation. Here is straight talk from a man who has sought genuine New Testament community for more than fifty years and who has discovered it in the most unlikely places.

“I want to help you find this incredible bride Jesus is shaping by looking at the church as God sees her and by recognizing her as she takes shape around you,” Jacobsen explains. “God’s church is a living temple, springing up in the individual heart and then knitting together into a worldwide community of people whose very relationships put God’s glory on display.”

Human effort cannot build this church or sustain it, he continues, which is why our attempts fall so woefully short. She is the fruit of a new creation of those who live beyond the human conventions of society and share a life in Jesus that satisfies their most ardent hunger.

Wayne Jacobsen served as a pastor for twenty years and was also a contributing editor to Leadership Journal. He now travels the world helping people learn to live deeply in the life of Jesus and share it freely with others. He has written and worked with others on a number of books including He Loves Me, So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore, and A Man Like No Other.

Jacobsen discovered the book, The Shack, re-wrote it with the author, and then formed a publishing company to distribute it when no major publishing house would accept it. It became an international phenomenon, selling one million copies in just thirteen months.

From the foreword by Stephanie Bennett, Ph.D.: 

Finding Church might just be the holy fire needed to inspire a generation of believers worn out by the unfulfilled promises and potential of the church—the kindling needed for the family of God in the twenty-first century.

Dan Mayhew, author of The Butterfly and the Stone: “Finding Church is for the weary, the restless, or the earnest disciple who longs for intimacy with Jesus and his people. It is a vision of what church could look like if we weren’t spending so much time and energy attending to our institutions and instead were living in the same reality Jesus did, with an eye on his Father and compassion for people around us. There really is something more.”

John Lynch, co-author of Bo’s Café and The Cure: “In Finding Church, my friend Wayne Jacobsen offers Christ’s way to a home for those who have searched for it congregation to congregation all their lives. The answers he offers come long after he has learned to live it and they are as free and freeing as the Gospel itself!”

Brad Jersak, Ph.D., author of Can You Hear Me?: “There is no slow bleed; the mass exodus from local congregations is a stubborn fact. So why is Wayne Jacobsen so hopeful? Because dispersion and isolation need not be the endgame. Jacobsen is finding church—the fully functioning family of Christ that transcends institutions—networking everywhere. I would especially invite Jesus-loving ex-churchgoers to borrow his eyes so they might share his hope.”

Gayle Erwin, author of The Jesus Style: “…a great encouragement….he reminds us that living for and with God is far simpler than we ever imagined and that God still knows our address. Rare is the invitation to relax in God’s love and love others, and it is enough.”

Nick Sembrano: “This book will challenge those wedded to the traditional image of the church, but don’t let that scare you. This is what we have all felt sitting in the pew and rethinking our ‘default setting’….The Church is not the bricks and boards of the building but the blood and bones of people in a growing relationship with each other with Jesus as the head.”

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11.99     ISBN: 0983949158