When Robert Randolph & The Family Band take to the stage to deliver an electrifying performance, sound engineer Sean Quackenbush relies on GRAMMA.

Auralex GRAMMA (Gig and Recording, Amp and Monitor, Modulation Attenuator) isolation risers to decouple the group’s guitar and bass amplifiers from the stage. GRAMMA lets Quackenbush deliver a clean house mix without the additional boom and swell associated with non-isolated instrument amplifiers. "One of the biggest headaches an engineer faces," Quackenbush explains, "Is from the acoustic coupling of instrument amplifiers with the stage that creates wild swings in bass response. The Auralex GRAMMA isolation risers completely eliminate this type of problem, allowing me to concentrate on delivering the band’s great performance and not on solving acoustic problems with the EQ.”

The GRAMMA, patented by Auralex, is an effective isolation device that is used to float an amp or loudspeaker, yielding nearly total acoustic isolation between an instrument amp or monitor speaker and the stage. The effective result of employing a GRAMMA is clarity of sound that honestly represents the artistic intent of the performers. The standard GRAMMA is 23" long x 15" wide x 2.75" high, with a maximum weight limit of 300 lbs. The Great GRAMMA offers a 30 percent larger surface area to accommodate popular speaker configurations that feature 4” x 12", 15" or 18" speakers. The Great GRAMMA is 30" long x 19" wide x 2.75" high and has a maximum load weight of 300 lbs.

Robert Randolph is on Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest guitarists of all time,” says Quackenbush. “It is imperative that the mix for the front of house and the monitor system accurately reflect every nuance of each performance.
Robert’s concerts are very inclusive of the audience and all the band members get to strut their stuff, so to speak, on different instruments, The GRAMMA isolation risers allow the band to hear what they are playing uncolored by stage coupling, so the performers are always very comfortable no matter which instrument or amp they are using. The GRAMMA is a real lifesaver.”


Watch a clip of Robert Randolph and the Family Band from Letterman:

Originally posted 2009-08-07 18:41:30.