Before we get into today’s review, a little history on my studio background is probably applicable.  My first job in the pro-audio world was being a studio-tech for a local university.  My job consisted of setting up mics, running cable, supplying blank CD’s to the engineer, etc.  The bulk of our work was recording recitals for music majors, choir concerts, orchestral concerts, and student projects.  Over time I progressed and became a senior studio engineer, essentially meaning I got to boss around the guys running cable, and the sound quality of the final product, good or bad, was my fault.



While it has been several years since I have recorded large live performances, they still have a special place in my heart since they were my introduction to the pro-audio world.  As you can probably imagine, I was ecstatic a few months back when one of my clients called me up to engineer an upcoming choir project.  Since it has been years since I have done this kind of work, much of my gear for these types of events in no longer in my possession, so I called up our friends at Audix.  I have been dying to have an excuse to review their latest choir mics.



A few days later, I was at the choirs rehearsal with a stereo pair of Audix Microboom High Output Cardioids, and I was in my element.  I figured it was in my best interest to test everything out at a rehearsal to make sure I was prepared for the final event.  After a few minor tweaks to the level and EQ, I sat back and listened.  I loved what I heard.  The Audix Microboom Cardioids were clear as a bell, with no discernable hums or excess noise.  The amazing part is that we weren’t even in a concert hall, we were in a large corporate conference room, not the ideal room for acoustics.  



Just for the fun of it, I A/B tested my headphones through which the mics were running, with just sitting back and listening to the choir in the room.  Needless to say, I quickly moved back to the headphones because they made the choir/conference room sound so much better and more natural than the actual sound in the room.  


Contents in Audix Box


Now for the sad part of the story, after two practices the final event was cancelled, so ultimately I wasn’t able to record the performance.  That being said, I sure had a lot of fun playing with great microphones for a couple of days.  In conclusion, the Audio Microboom High Output Cardioids sound fantastic!  They are ideal for really any recording situation in which you are going to have a lot of different sounds, voices, or instruments.  Because of their clarity and definition, they would be great for church or school choirs, either for recording or for magnifying the sound throughout a large venue.  


Questions, comments, or experiences you have had with the Audix Microboom High Output Cardioids?  Post below, ping me on twitter @guitarguytim, or shoot me an email at