As you all know I won’t go anywhere near a stage without my Audix microphones. Yes, I am a fan. Keep that in mind as you read on. I may not be totally objective here…  


The folks at Audix say that the new “Band Packs” are a logical extension of kits like their prepackaged sets of drum mics. But the Band Packs exptend that idea to include vocal mics.

LargeAudixBandPacks 042613


I found out Audix is offering two professional band packs, the BP5 PRO and BP7 PRO, and they contain five and seven piece, studio quality, microphones, respectively.


Audix also offers two affordable, equivalent band packs, the BP5F and BP7F which come from Audix’ popular dynamic Fusion Series.  


Now we veer into the realm of opinion. IMHO Audix offers high quality microphones that will do you right regardless of the job or venue.  But what I find appealing about these “Band Packs” are first, the consistency that your band will have in the quality of the microphone.  


The continuity of the band using Audix as opposed to just one or two members, I think, is a huge plus. Second, the economics work.  Price these packs for yourself and for a professionally committed group who wants quality you will not be disappointed.


– K bo

Originally posted 2013-04-26 03:18:28.