My return trip to Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand in May 2012 was not going to happen unless I knew I could bring along my Audio-Technica microphones.   I always feel more secure knowing they’re along for the ride. With the airline’s incredible weight limitations, it’s pretty much of a no-brainer that my AE 5100 guitar condenser mic and the AE 6100 voice mic are hardly likely to tip the balance of the aircraft, so I pack them in my carry-on luggage for safekeeping.

     The mics are a necessary part of my sound requirement during my concerts and workshops, but often they come in handy during some unexpected situations. I just never know in what fashion. This tour included a group of weekend warrior guitarists along with singer songwriters at the Loose Acoustic Winterbreak Music and Guitar Retreat in Mt. Tambourine, just outside of Brisbane, Australia.

     After the day’s sessions, where I was honored to be included as one of the instructors, each evening beckoned a mega-potpourri of players for an open mic that lasted until the wee hours of the morning.  As the players and singers shared their music, it became apparent that the AT mics won the prize hands down as the best of the microphones available.

     Although I had my two favorite guitars in tow with me (the Schenk 6 and 12 stringers), as I packed up I must admit that my eye was more on my AT mics, making sure they didn’t grow legs, if you know what I mean.  No worries at all because the participants at this event were the least likely people to take what was not theirs.  My main concern was more that my mics might want to wander away on their own and visit Australia.  I just couldn’t bear to think of them wandering aimlessly in the Outback, lost and without any electricity.  My point being – I think they have a life of their own.

     I’ve been told that they make the high end sound of the guitars like a pinged champagne glass and with proper placement, they bring out the full bodied and natural sounds of the guitar making them larger than life.  To be honest, when people use phrases like that, I normally don’t know  what they’re taking about. In this case I do.

 The mics packed themselves back into my suitcase (they DO have their own personalities and skills) for my trip to Tasmania as I planned for my CD release of Tasmania Live at the Palais Theatre in Franklin.  When my friends and hosts, Marjorie and Steve Gadd were awarded new Audio-Technica shirts, it’s almost as if they fell in love again as they played music together  – OK – getting a little Hollywood going here…

     However, Steve could not contain himself and prior to opening the show, he danced a little jig for us, exhibiting his rock solid rhythm and wonderful spirit.  Bottom line is that I wouldn’t have made it to Tasmania if it weren’t for Steve and the music wouldn’t have sounded so good without my Audio-Technica mics.