Welcome to yet another edition of the adventures of Cybergirl. I was talking to my editor recently about some of the things that we’re developing for the L2P Network’s ever growing online presence, and we started discussing different kinds of audiences—which is something you need to know if you want to improve your own online presence. Now, as a musician, there are three kinds of audiences you’ll want to reach: Your fans, your prospective employers, and your peers. Each is different (but equally important!) and needs to be approached quite specifically, so in this, and my next two columns, I’ll be talking about the best ways to reach each group. First up, your peers!

Now, you may be wondering why your peers are an audience all on their own, and why they are just as important as fans and employers, who are the ones through whom you make your money. Here’s why: Peers are your source for information and contacts for all three categories. For one thing, similar bands can share their fanbases in a number of ways, such as recommending other bands to their own fans, joining up for concerts, even collaborating on a song or CD. Any of these things can help you spread your music to new people. You may find this strange in our current economy, but you can also share your employers. For example, someone you know is offered a gig, but they can’t do it. They could suggest you, giving you a job you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Your peers can be a great source of connections.

Secondly, your peers can harbor a wealth of information and experience that you can easily access. Having a problem with a piece of equipment? You can ask your peers for help. Need some advice on how to record something? Your peers can tell you what you need to know. If you’re going to play at a new venue, you can ask your peers about it. You can find out about the sound system, any equipment you’ll need to bring, what the audience is like—lots of things you might not have known otherwise.

So, how do you get and keep these contacts? You can do it offline, the old-fashioned way, by talking to people and getting their contact info. Online, though, you can find plenty of communities where you can find even more contacts. You can find other musicians on forums, MySpace, and plenty of other places. If you want a place that’s just musicians, you’ll have to look and one place you can look is a new part of our own network. L2P BandSpace is a private community just for musicians. All you need to do to join is go to www.l2pbandspace.com and request an invitation. It’s only private to make sure that it’s just singers, songwriters and musicians.

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Originally posted 2009-08-28 03:43:26.