If you want to improve your chances of getting exposure for your new releaseCheck this out. It seems we always have a backlog of things to tell you about, and this one almost slipped by. You know who Joan Osborne is, right? If not, you should. She is an extrememly talented vocalist with a style that can be bothe passionate and gritty. Her latest release “Bring It On Home” was released at the end of March. In advance of the release, I received what I thought was one of the best ideas i had seen (and I do see a whole lot) for getting the attention of the press (obviously, it worked, just not as quickly as they hoped).


The Video:



Inside the special light metallic green envelope was a simple 8.5″ x 11″ folded card with a short paragraph about the release flanked by the CD itself and short video. Here’s what it looks like and along with the video. Everything that I need was right there: The music, contacts, links, and video to share with you. Plus, it lays flat and didn’t look like a typical “here’s my latest CD” pitch. Something you may want to consider when you’re putting together your next promotion.