About the song, Adam Pallin says, “We were out in LA writing last Spring and it was a period of uncertainty while we were going through big changes with our team. Somehow that came through in this song as we finished it in NYC. It is one of our favorites from the Homecoming EP and seems very fitting as the cold weather swarmed in this week.”

ASTR is a duo that lives, works and writes music in New York City. After meeting three years ago in a Manhattan Yoga class, Zoe Silverman and Adam Pallin discovered that they shared a musical and artist sensibility informed by Film Noir, Miami Vice and urban dreamscapes. ASTR was soon born.

Zoe is a New York Native and former major label refugee. After a hiatus from music to explore the world via spirituality she met Adam, a recovering vinyl addict with a penchant for ’60s/’70s cinema scores, disco and the fingers for anything with keys (especially vintage synths) as well as guitar and bass. ASTR released their Varsity EP in 2014, gaining buzz from fan favorites “Operate” and “Blue Hawaii” and their cover of Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home”. Since then ASTR has been steadily gaining fans and performing at festivals including Ultra, SXSW and Hangout Fest.