Kids Pop

Dear Lis,
My daughter is 12 and has a beautiful voice. She sings everything from Beyoncé to Mariah Carey to Rihanna. But the lyrics of those songs are not appropriate for her age. Where can I find songs that suit her?
Dear Ayisha,
The best way to get songs that are appropriate for her is to write them yourselves or in collaboration with a songwriter. The best lyrics come from her own personal experience. Things that might seem silly or ordinary to her are just the kind of subject her audience of other 12 year olds would be interested in. To find someone who can shape her thoughts into lyrics and put them to music, look for songwriter organizations in your area and go to their meetings. Also look among her friends and their parents. You will be amazed at how many people play guitar or piano!

Have It Out
Dear Lis,
My Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor wants me to have surgery for my deviated septum but I’m worried it will change my sound.
 Dear Lis,
I keep getting throat infections and my Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor wants me to have tonsils out. Will it make my voice sound different?
Dear John & Paulina,
In my experience your sound won’t change. In fact you will feel healthier and sing with more ease as a result. It is best to have the surgery before you get sick in the middle of a heavy singing schedule.

Scales Not Songs
Dear Lis,
I  warm up my voice by singing some of my songs. Is there something else I should be doing?
Dear Brian,
You should be doing scales that focus on the various aspects of your voice like range, pitch, tone, stability, flexibility and dynamics. You aren’t able to pay attention to these things when you’re singing songs because you are focusing on sounding good. Your songs will only warm-up the part of your voice that the song uses. In your warm-up you want to stretch all of your range.

The Real Deal
Dear Lis,
I know a girl who got signed to a record deal. She’s cute and has a lot of personality but, honestly, she’s not much of a singer. Why am I working so hard at being a good singer if it doesn’t matter?
Dear Aimee,
I wish I could say that doesn’t happen but I see it all the time. People who aren’t great singers are teamed up with writers and producers who manufacture an ‘artist’. Sometimes it’s because the artist has a fan base in another medium like television, which will guarantee record sales. Sometimes a producer will have an idea, like The Spice Girls, and create it out of good-looking dancers. But that doesn’t mean that talented artists don’t get signed. There are many examples of artists with amazing voices getting record deals. Besides, the reason you work so hard on your voice is because you want to be a good singer. Getting signed is the icing on the cake. Music is it’s own reward.
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Originally posted 2009-04-11 18:21:56.