There are times when it’s just best that the artist describes what he, she, or they are all about on their own. You know, let them speak for themselves as we sometimes say.


This is one of those cases.


Meet New Jersey’s own Exit 117.  


Fast forward–they are not a Springsteen clone nor are they aspiring to be the next pop sensation.  Instead, they ARE Exit 117.


I met these guys and decided to chat with them because they seem to represent to me what a lot of bands are doing today in this business and this country; they are a group of dedicated musicians going out on their own to pursue the music they truly want to play.  


I know, “cliche” right?  


Not really.


Exit 117 k bo 010914


Exit 117 is a no frills group that offers plenty of determination, hard work, and self-confidence.  I know that merchandise sales and attendance records can be impressive stuff but sometimes it’s not about that.  


So to just take the temperature of what a lot of artists are doing nowadays, I thought we would spend a few minutes with these guys.  


I guess I was not seeking star gazing or something along the lines of material that would be found on TMZ, but rather, I was simply looking for a piece of reality.  


You know, “being real?”  


So, I hope you enjoy my chat with Exit 117.