Steven Van Zandt–known variously as Miami Steve to longtime Springsteen fans and Little Steven to those who came later…

is a rock music icon. Not just for his work with The Boss or his own five albums. He also hosts probably the coolest radio show on the planet, Little Steven’s Underground Garage. And he’s worried about the future of music.
He gave a speech at SxSW called The Crisis of Craft in which he noted that all great bands have historically started as dance bands playing covers.

"Bands are starting to skip the bar band stage of their development. The club stage. Where, ideally you’re still a dance band, but equally important, you get the opportunity to play other people’s songs. Your favorite songs. All of a sudden I’m hearing it’s not cool to play other people’s songs. That’s for the less gifted. The losers. The way we thought of the top 40 bar bands growing up has been extended to include any songs that didn’t come from your own personal genius.

This is a major problem"Here is the complete address from Steve’s own site.

Originally posted 2010-04-08 19:24:39.