Andrea Bensmiller detests writing bios and talking about herself. Almost as much as she detests daytime soap operas, fake people, and the American idiosyncratic use of “supposably” in place of “supposedly.”


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I love dogs, all kinds of music, well written dialogue, good wine, and heavy debate amongst people smart enough not to start crying when someone disagrees with their opinion.

I have no idea whether what I write as a musician is any good, but I feel lucky that some people I think are great players will allow me to play with them and sometimes even let me onstage with them. Check out my calendar. There is at least always good alcohol at these places. And you know…life is short. And messy. If you can’t spend some time a little tipsy in public listening to good music, then really what’s the point?

Since there is very likely little I could write here that will help you determine whether or not to hire me as a musician, maybe just wander on over to my music or video sites and see whether there’s anything there that resonates with your soul.

If not, thanks for visiting and drop me a line anyway. I am known to change my mind frequently about what I like about being on this planet, including music. I will probably like what you like eventually.

And maybe – if I’m lucky, like all the other musicians – I hope to turn that twisted mess of ever changing admiration into something other people might find worth listening to.

(But frankly, lately I just keep crossing my fingers. So, maybe you could cross yours for me, too. Thanks.)”

Originally posted 2011-07-19 05:31:58.