Anyone who knows me knows I love this amp! I baby it I put a t-shirt over it and it rides in my SUV and not in the trailer for gigs. I baby this amp more than my basses.

So, I accept a sub gig with a band I have played with many times in the past. (Full disclosure: It was the Rev.’s band. Scott is our first-call sub.) It’s a casino lounge gig and I’m going to drive myself and put everything in the back of my SUV. Again, this is a casino lounge gig so my rig is kind of medium sized.

Scott’s Rig Onstage

I get everything together and put the third row seats up and loaded all my gear in the back of my SUV and make a little spot for the V4B head. I stood it up and tucked it between my pedalboard and the inside of my vehicle. Great all loaded and ready for a short little hour-and-a-half drive.

DOH !!!! I need gas, I stop and gas up and get a drink and some munchies. Woo hoo! Away I go! And now–through the magic of the media–I am here and you don’t have to hear me sing the whole way.

I pull into a parking lot across from the entrance to the casino. I park, put on the parking brake and turn the SUV off. I get out and hit the tailgate button on my key fob. (I love the tailgate button and watching it open all by itself.) As the tailgate opens, I get to the back of the SUV just in time to see my head fall from said SUV and hit the ground. It bounced.

Scott’s Rig On the Ground

How bad was the fall? Let’s just say it fell three feet. THREE FEET! That’s half a not-short person. I was devastated! I pull the T-shirt off of it and pull off the cover, all the tubes are intact. Well, not much I can do at this point but pray to the amp gods and hope for the best. So I load it all up on the dolly and bring it inside. After a little walk through the casino and some stage jockeying, I’m set up and ready for the moment of truth.

I flip the first switch … … … The red light comes on.

I have a spark of hope in my heart.

I flip the standby off … … … the green light comes on.

I can hardly believe it, I turn the volume pot up and hit a low E note and it sounds just like it’s supposed to.

The entire week goes off without a hitch. The amp performs like a champion! I am impressed with this amp and its construction. Nothing happened to the chassis or the amp. At least nothing visible or audible that week.
Just a recap this is an Ampeg V4B reissue amp. For all the naysayers (I have had more than one other bass player refer to it as “cute”),  this amp took a serious hit and is still working. I think that speaks volumes about the way it was made and the technology behind it.

Way to go Ampeg !!!

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