May 13, 2011 – Santa Cruz, CA —


In spite of all fingers and toes crossed in Santa Cruz CA as local boy-making-good James Durbin slugged it out in the final stages of Fox’s 2011 season of American Idol, James Durbin metaphorically ‘went home’ on Thursday night.
No one doubts that rocker Durbin has booked himself a major career, and this was very much in evidence long before Idol, when James was filmed for Alan Parsons’ influential new Art & Science Of Sound Recording series ‘Recording Vocals’ section in a scene shot at the Bay Area’s Xpression College.
To celebrate James’ recent success on TV, series production company Keyfax NewMedia – also from Santa Cruz – is giving away a free stream of the 40-minute Vocals section featuring James Durbin through 15th May.
The 40-miniute Vocals section is one of the most compelling Sections in the series, dealing with all aspects of recording a vocal, with insights from veterans such as Michael McDonald and Erykah Badu. Alan also selected some young singers to demonstrate recording techniques and processes, including then-unknown singers Abi Colbeck from Sabyrtooth, who played at 2010 Ozzfest, and James Durbin. The Durbin sessions were filmed days before he auditioned for the 2009 season on American Idol and offers a rare and fascinating glimpse into an emerging talent working in the studio with legend Alan Parsons.
The Recording Vocals video can be viewed at

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