In the wake of the record flooding that left Nashville and other areas of Tennessee in shambles, the artist community is coming together in a big way to help restore some sense of normalcy.

As the muddy waters continue to recede, dozens of artists from across the musical rainbow are pulling together to raise money and help the struggling people of the Music City area rebuild. here’s a partial list of the benefit concerts presently scheduled along with related news items:


Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift to Play Flood Benefit
Kings Of Leo, Jack White Working To Aid Flood Victims
Ke$ha To Play Nashville Flood Benefit
Great American Country Television Announces Telethon
Musicians Assess Losses
Brad Paisley with Anderson Cooper on Nashville Flooding
Videos of the flooding

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Sennheiser Offers Support to Nashville Music Community as Flooding Impacts Musicians, Studios and Equipment Dealers

As the Nashville flooding tragedy continues to impact both the local community and the Nashville music scene at large, audio specialist Sennheiser announced that it has allocated resources and support staff to assist as the local music community assesses the damage and begins to get back on its feet.

Several of Sennheiser’s customers were affected by the flood, including equipment dealers, rehearsal studios and musicians, who are all reporting significant damage to facilities, equipment and musical instruments. Sennheiser has deployed product support staff to the region, who are able to provide consulting services to Sennheiser customers and end users at no charge.

To further help provide relief to its valued customers in the region, Sennheiser has:

Established a Service Hotline assisting customers and end users of Sennheiser products to assess equipment damage. Customers are encouraged to call 1-877-Sennheiser or (860) 434-9190, option 2.

Extended its credit terms to affected individuals and businesses, helping customers focus on insurance claims and immediate cash flow needs.

Re-allocated its national inventory to ensure Nashville-based customers have prioritized access to products, helping mitigate both dealer and end-user supply issues.

Provided significant product discounts to its Nashville-based network of dealers, helping them better manage unexpected business and personal expense.

Sennheiser USA President and CEO John Falcone commented: "We recognize the unprecedented challenges that Nashville and its entire music community have faced over the past several days. As an organization, we are connected with Nashville on many fronts, both personally and professionally. We empathize with those affected by the flood, and want to assure our Nashville customers and the broader music community that we are committed to helping wherever we can during this difficult time."


Originally posted 2010-05-12 13:19:22.